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Hey there, I'm a product manager in software development, working in this role since March 2020. I'm a great team player, full of energy, and I absolutely love teaching. Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to go on a learning journey with a new product manager who just started in …

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On a path to growing my portfolio companies from 5 to 50M ARR by selling technology solutions. Experimenting with what it takes to succeed in the tech industry. Learning to navigate the demands of work and family life, especially when you're expanding internationally. I'm passionate about helping others find balance …

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Hello, I'm Catarina, a dedicated and passionate Product Manager with a strong focus on B2B products. Over the past 3 years, I've gained a deep understanding of customer needs, product development processes, and competitive landscapes. I have successfully led cross-functional teams to deliver impactful product solutions that have helped drive …

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For the past 12 years, I've been shaping, leading, and optimizing Tech & Product teams. So many startups are seeking efficiency and alignment, yet falling short. This is where I step in 🎯 Throughout my roles as a software architect, head of/engineering manager or CTO, I've guided dozens of squads …

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Hi! I am Heidi – a highly skilled sales enablement professional with 10 years of experience. I am thrilled to be a mentor on Mentorcruise and help aspiring sales enablement professionals and salespeople to achieve their full potential. Coaching and mentoring others have always been my passion. Over the years, …

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I’m Bettara. I help companies understand business needs and translates them into solutions. I'm Head of Technology of an international marketing agency where my goal is building incredible digital experiences. I'm a seasoned project and team manager who has built and led large-scale international engineering teams for more than 15 …

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I’m a data scientist with 10+ years of experience. My journey started at particle physics, where I enjoyed working at the largest experiments with cutting edge technologies. Afterwards I transitioned to a software company, which creates B2B SaaS solutions for customers in the Supply Chain industry. As part of the …

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WHY DO I WANT TO BE A MENTOR? Feeling not good enough? Don't think you are fit to be in the data science industry? Feeling lonely, stressed or even depressed? Wondering why you can't break into the industry? Wondering why no one is taking a chance on you? Considering additional …

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