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The sessions that get you where
you want to be.

Step up your career game plan, prep up interviews, job search & promotion. Your mentor will listen to you, give solutions drawn from their experience and take you where you want to be.

Expert Consultation

Offered by Sumit Pahwa

During this session we can talk about specific product management skills, general product management career growth, resume writing and job hunting, or any other product management topics you would like … Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $120
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Python Whiteboarding Interview

Offered by Numa Dhamani

Some big technical interviews coming up? In this 1-hour session, a mentor with hiring experience will act as a technical interviewer and ask you Python white boarding questions and will … Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $90
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Group consultation

Offered by Alexey Shcherbakov

The package includes four 60min one-on-one consultations Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $130
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Introductory Call

Offered by Naz Delam

If you're looking for a mentor, and you're just not sure about how this all works – this should be for you. In a casual, informal introductory call, a mentor … Read More

 Approx. 30 minutes  $200
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Strategy & Planning for your business

Offered by Patrick Widmann

It can be hard to break down a big vision and small ideas into an actionable plan - in private and professional life. It sometimes feels like not seeing the … Read More

 Approx. 30 minutes  $50
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Portfolio Review - Extended Session

Offered by Jonathan Lee

I will review your portfolio and provide detailed feedback on improvements the design and case study writing.

Please email me your portfolio and the top 2 case studies you would … Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $165
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Too many business or product ideas? I will help you get clarity.

Offered by Lloyd Jacob

Did the idea fairy come by last few months and give you too many ideas to work on? This is quite common for entrepreneurs. We love innovating, building something new, … Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $99
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Intensive guidance

Offered by Salil Kakkar

Intensive guidance Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $199
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Review mentees work - Package of 4 sessions (ca. 60 min each)

Offered by Nikos Kotsakis

As a manager and designer with several years of experience, I will review and discuss your work on a call with a duration of up to 60 minutes.

This package is … Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $300
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Introductory Call

Offered by Sundeep Teki, PhD

In the Introductory Call, I will schedule a 30 minute 1:1 video call.

The purpose of this call is:
- for you to introduce yourself
- share high-level details of your … Read More

 Approx. 30 minutes  $60
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Behance Review

Offered by Chris Ellinas

After this call you should:
• Have a better understanding of how important your Behance portfolio is.
• The changes you need to make in order to improve the project.
• Have better … Read More

 Approx. 30 minutes  $59
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Full Mentorship plan

Offered by Lloyd Jacob

In this plan you will work very closely with your mentor. Here is what you can expect:
- 1 hour call every weekend per month
- shared Trello board to track your … Read More

 Approx. 240 minutes  $499
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Reading and Summarizing a Research Paper

Offered by Nilesh Arnaiya

Learn how to read a research paper effectively while also understanding the math behind it.
Learn which papers to spend your time on reading and which are a quick look/reference.
Understand … Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $20
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Leadership skills / Personal Development Strategies

Offered by Eric Jude

(2 sessions of 45 mins each)
Advancing to the top of your field is what makes your business or job challenging - besides your technical skills and the know how - … Read More

 Approx. 90 minutes  $180
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CV Feedback (30 Minutes)

Offered by Alex Mitchell

I've worked as a leader in Product Management and Analytics at scaling startups for the last 8 years. I've interviewed hundreds of candidates for these companies and am excited to … Read More

 Approx. 30 minutes  $80
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Expert Consultation (Companies)

Offered by Sundeep Teki, PhD

This is for longer-term consulting requirements focused on ongoing company projects.

This session is focused on companies including startups and enterprise and I will provide personalized expert consultation at a deeper … Read More

 Approx. 60 minutes  $300
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