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Massa Baali 

Founder - Clerk
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Massa is a community leader, AI engineer, Instructor at the university, reviewed multiple research papers at IEEE Access and was the lead organizer of the first TEDx event in her country. She was chosen with other 25 interns out of 520 candidates to be an intern at the Microsoft Research Lab. Massa, who was a speaker in the women entrepreneur day powered by the UN, has inspired her community by sharing her experience in leading TEDx and Clerk in high spirit and talking about the challenges she has faced through ...

Engineering & Data machine learningpythondeep learningkeras
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> 5 spots available

Amit Lathiya 

Technical Leader and Mentor - DXC Tech and Udacity
5.0 stars
5.0 (3 reviews)
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Passionate about AI and Machine Learning, I am IT professional with 16+ years of experience leading and managing Enterprise Product development, maintenance and delivery. I am an active mentor with Udacity mentoring Students, Graduates, Professionals and Executives for various nano degree programs including Machine Learning Engg, Deep Learning, AI Programming, ML with Pytorch and Tensorflow, AI for Business Leaders, AI Healthcare, Aure ML and AWS Sagemaker.

I love mentoring and help mentee build AI and ML skills so that you can be readily observed by industry in various roles. ...

Engineering & Data Machine LearningData ScienceMLOpsPytorch
7 Day Trial United States of America USA

$90 per month

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