Top Management Certifications to consider in 2024

At MentorCruise, we are all about making the most out of your learning experience. Certifications are a great way to show your expertise in a certain field, and can help you get your next job, or even a promotion. We've asked our mentors to recommend the best certifications for you to consider in 2024.

List of Management Certifications

Understanding the concepts of Management starts with understanding the fundamentals. On your way to mastery, it's crucial for you to understand how certain concepts were derived, and why things work like they do. Starting with these resources is the best way to do so.

Certified Performance Management Professional

The Certified Performance Management Professional Certification is an unique accreditation that endorses you for both your knowledge and skills in improving performance across all organizational levels.
The certification is the result of a complex learning process, based on experiential learning that has 3 parts: pre-course activities, 3 days core-course and post-course tasks.
You will acquire the skillset and toolset to successfully deliver the organizational strategy.

Rutgers Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

Today, organizations and people are centered around a portfolio of projects to deliver outcomes. At Project Management Institute (PMI) calls this new way of working “The Project Economy” – in which people have the skills and capabilities they need to turn ideas into reality.
For individuals, this means having the right skills and mindset to move seamlessly from project to project to help their organizations deliver strategic outcomes.
For organizations, this means delivering value to stakeholders through successful completion of projects, delivery of products, and alignment to value …

[2024] Management Skills Certification Course (Now with AI!)

Similar to MIT’s Advanced Management Program (which runs a whopping $65,000!), and available here for a tiny fraction of the cost. By taking this course, you can develop a higher level of leadership and management skills to help you reach your fullest potential and deliver extraordinary value to your team, your organization, and the communities you serve.

Prices start at US$ 13.99.

Professional in Project Management (PPM)

Projects and project management has become the foundation for success in the public and private sectors. Enterprises achieve their goals through projects and effective project management. Successful project management requires achieving the scope (e.g., intended result), cost and schedule. In addition, the increasing complexity of work and demands for “more with less” place special demands on the project manager. These programs go beyond the “What is project management and practices” to providing practical “How To” guidance, tools and techniques, and processes to implement in today’s worki…

MSI Executive Management Certification

Executive managers make up the largest managerial layer in an organization. Business managers are responsible to the people they manage and the company stakeholders. It is essential that managers be committed to the organization’s goals and understand how to execute them effectively.
Managers ensure that business operations run smoothly. Managers implement the strategies of their superiors and are responsible for motivating their people and getting results.
The MSI Management certification program is designed to help you be an effective manager. It is essential to understand exact…

Post Graduate Program In Project Management

This project management certification program will cover strategization and management - project, program, risk, quality, complexity management, customer-centric digital transformation, PMO implementation, and agile and scrum skills; and allow you to earn 146 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for maintaining CCR for PMI certifications.

Prices start at US$ 2'000.

Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM™)

This program is ideal for anyone who wants to further their career in training management. Because CPTMs come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, there are no prerequisites for earning the credential. Many CPTM candidates currently lead a training department or aspire to become a training manager, while others are external consultants who wish to better understand their clients’ roles. Each of these backgrounds bring special areas of expertise to the management of a training function.

Prices start at US$ 3'495.00.

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