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Khrystyna GRYNKO

Cloud Customer Engineer - Google

Khrystyna GRYNKO is a professional in Analytics and one of our most popular coaches on MentorCruise.

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Senior Product Manager Lead at Microsoft
Senior product manager lead at Microsoft Teams with 12 years of experience
2 x Calls
Experienced product management professional with over 12 years of experience in building highly successful consumer internet B2C and Platform Products across domains- Fintech & Payments, E-commerce and Edtech. Skilled in product vision, product strategy, leadership, defining business case, problem discovery, conceptualization and growing product. Led product teams for new launches …
Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Nike
5+ years of experience as a Machine Learning Engineer
From machine learning engineer to solutions architect, data engineer, and data scientist… I have worn many hats while helping teams and companies deliver value-driven solutions to predictive analytics and data science problems. I have hands-on experience in solving real business problems using techniques from time-series forecasting, recommender systems, reinforcement learning, …
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$80 / month
 Quick Responder
Data Engineer at Elliptic
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
1 x Call
Hi, I’m Lucas! I am passionate about teaching and helping people optimise their career progression or trajectory (career change!). This enthusiasm comes from my experience career changing (PM -> Eng), mentoring junior engineers and from 1:1 and group coaching sessions during my time working at the Genius Bar at the …
Data Analytics Manager at Adastra LTD
7+ years in Data industry
Experienced Data professional with over 7+ years’ in field in delivering data solutions to many companies in various industries and countries. I have experience in Data Analytics and Data Science, Business Analysys, Project Management & Product Ownership, general Management and Leadership, Digital Strategy and Transformation. Experienced Data Analytics professional with …
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$180 / month
Senior Product Designer at Klarna
5+ years in Product Design, ex-Miro
4 x Calls
Hi there! I'm Borys, a product designer with 5+ years of experience working in the field. I worked with many products of different sizes, most notably the beloved Miro, a whiteboarding tool. Now I'm working as a senior product designer in Klarna, helping to shape a new way of banking …
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$240 / month
VP of Engineering at The Farmers Dog
20+ years of Engineering and Entrepreneurship
Regular Calls
I have been in software engineering for over 25 years. It has been a pure passion and continues to be one. I have had the opportunity to build several businesses and participate in many exciting and creative startups. I've worked on projects from consulting, leadership, stealth, and on up to …
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$30 / month
Insights & Reporting Analyst at HelloFresh
Helping International Students with CV Preparation, Interview Preparation and Training for Data roles.
5 x Calls
I finished my master's in Data science and got an experience of around 3 years in various data roles. I'm currently working as an Insights & Reporting Analyst at HelloFresh. But, The Journey wasn't easy for me in the UK. When I moved to UK as an International Student, went …
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$180 / month
Sr. Director, Data Science and Real-Word Evidence at EVERSANA
2 x Calls
Omnya is a Sr. Director, Data Science & RWE at Eversana. She has 10 years of experience executing and leading research, data, and analytics projects for the full range of biopharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers Omnya’s primary focus is on the application of advanced statistical methodology and machine learning techniques …
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