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Hey there, I'm Angelina I started my career as a graduate trainee at Maybank, the largest bank in Malaysia. After 2 years of rotating in the different departments, I decided to permanently join the digital side of the bank, where I worked on projects relating to mobile banking and payments. …

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I am a zero to one tech founder and a builder of Saas platforms. 🧰 I will work with you to crystallise your Saas product idea, identify short and long term GTM strategies for it, or pivot if necessary in order to make sure you are building a core product …

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Hi there! I have conducted numerous interviews and thus possess a deep understanding of the qualities and skills needed to succeed for the data analyst or data scientist. Last year, I helped 10+ mentees (5 are from non-tech background) to land their jobs in the data field. Whenever you need …

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Let me help you build a career and life that you are happy to wake up to every day! Great to meet you. I'm Niko, an ambitious tech professional, passionate father and enthusiastic endurance athlete. In over 13 years in strategic partnership roles at Stripe and Google, I've built a …

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Coaching engineers to grow into management, senior management and influential positions. About me: I am an accomplished technology professional with a wide-ranging skill set and extensive expertise across various domains, including Software Development and Architecture, Design Patterns, Clean Code, Automation, Financial Technology, Payments, Data Engineering, ETL, Business Intelligence, Information Security, …

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🏅Certified Executive Coach Hi! I am Vladimir. I have spent over 20 years in start-up and technology industries across fin-tech, wealth-tech and space-tech. I had founder and executive roles that exposed me to many meaningful experiences. I have gone through a lot of personal growth that helped me sort and …

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TLDR: Leveraging a rich background as a technical founder, I bring to the table unparalleled expertise in: - Precisely identifying your product-market fit, considering product dynamics, technology implications, and monetization strategies. - Strategically addressing technical debt, ensuring optimal team utilization and a robust reorganization blueprint. - Skillfully navigating complex architectural …

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Ria has been a Product Manager for 7+ years with her most recent stint at WhatsApp, where she led the Payments product from its inception to scale in under 2 years, focusing primarily on India (600M+ users). She hired and grew a team of 70+ cross functional people (including her …

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