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Walter Lee

Former Head of Product - Stessa

Walter Lee is a professional in FinTech and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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$240 / month
Lead Product Designer at Greenwood
4 x Calls
I started working in tech while I was studying business in college at a startup doing UX research and analysis. From there I moved into UX design, and am now a full-stack product designer for a fintech startup, aiming to bridge the inequality gaps of wealth ownership in the black …
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$180 / month
Engineering Director at Wise
4+ years of experience as a Technology Leader (Chief Technology Officer, VP Engineering, Engineering Director)
5.0 stars
5.0 (7 reviews)
If you want to kickstart your technology career, improve your growth trajectory, get the promotion you know you deserve, and understand what is key to unlock achieving your professional goals, I'd love to help! Every individual is different and may have different needs to achieve their goals - I will …
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$150 / month
Principal Engineer at OnlineMedEd
1 x Call
Hey hey! Thanks for visiting my mentorship service page. I'm thrilled you're here. Feel free to reach out to chat about how we can best work together to achieve your goals. I've been at this game for 16 years. I'm a self-taught software engineer with background education in economics. I …
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$180 / month
Head of Strategy & Innovation at Resolution Life
20 years of commercial experience
2 x Calls
Dan is a Strategy and Innovation expert with over 20 years of experience in financial services, insurance and consumer electronics. Dan is currently leading Strategy, Innovation & ESG at Resolution Life. Previously, Dan was Head of Innovation at TAL, directing enterprise-wide initiatives, delivering value to customers and driving new revenue …
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$40 / month
Engagement and Analytics Solutions Manager at Global Payments
2 x Calls
Hey there, I'm Angelina I started my career as a graduate trainee at Maybank, the largest bank in Malaysia. After 2 years of rotating in the different departments, I decided to permanently join the digital side of the bank, where I worked on projects relating to mobile banking and payments. …
serial entrepreneur, angel investor, advisor, mentor
Eugene is a faith-centric technologist, a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, advisor and mentor. He is founder and CEO of REACTIVE LIONS INC. where he is implementing his vision of faith-driven entrepreneurship in the tech world. He is currently running a team of over 40 talented engineers across the US. Eugene …
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$120 / month
Founder at Schoonect
2 x Calls
Hey there 👋🏼 I founded 2 startups, one with an exit and one with an amazing failure. In different sectors (fintech and edtech) and different continent (US and France) If you are an early stage company to Serie A, I can help you find your product market fit, optimise your …
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$60 / month
Head of Partnerships at Zeller
2 x Calls
12+ years working in technical customer service, leading high performing teams in established multinational businesses and startup/scale up environments. Currently leading Partnerships at Zeller, Australia’s fastest growing startup - previously Head of Customer Success at Square. Authentic, people driven manager with extensive experience navigating fast growing company structures. Currently obsessed …
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