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Yiqing Fan

Executive Leader and Amazon Mentor - Amazon

Yiqing Fan is a professional in Recruiting and one of our most popular coaches on MentorCruise.

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CTO at Unly
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I have a passion for programming, and another passion for teaching. I love to teach people and help them grow. I currently have 2 mentees to whom I teach programming (beginner level) outside of MentorCruise. All my mentees get access to a Community Discord server, where we discuss best-practices, provide …
$20 / month
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Managing Director at Venture Lane
Ran 5 startups accelerators and supported 1,000+ startups.
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FOCUSED ON... Helping seed stage startups find repeatability in their go-to-market and scale ARR from zero to $1M. WHAT BROUGHT ME TO THIS POINT? A LOT of accelerator work. I joined Venture Lane, Boston’s leading startup hub for B2B tech, as employee #1 to build out a sales focused accelerator …
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$240 / month
HR/Recruiting Pro + Career Coach
Let's work on career fulfillment together!
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Are you wanting to make a job or career change? Are you wanting to ask for that promotion or raise? Do you feel like you are lacking life-work balance? Hey, we should probably talk! My name is Sophie, but my friends call me Soph! I have been in the human …
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