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Julien Leforestier

Julien Leforestier

Senior UX Researcher @ Spotify

Julien Leforestier is a professional in User Experience and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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I am a Human-Centred Designer with a demonstrated history of excellence working in the information technology and services industry. I have a deep passion for work that gives back to society. I am highly skilled in Service Design, Business Process Design, Inclusive Design, and Information & Communication Technology for Socio-economic …

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Hello! I'm Kristian Davila, I am a program manager, producer, and product designer with 24 years of experience leading the end-to-end development of innovative consumer and enterprise software, hardware & devices, services, and toolsets. I have a proven track record of bringing version 0 products to life and have worked …

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Hi, I'm Warut! I'm a Senior Product Manager at eBay, based in San Francisco. I have 10 years of experience working across many geographies and roles in marketing/advertising tech. I'd love to help you with: - Breaking into product management. I successfully transitioned my career from a different field myself; …

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Director of DesignOps (Product-Experience Design & Research) at an agency/consultancy. Ex. IDEO, ex. Frog, ex. Accenture, ex. TED, ex. Hyperloop, etc. Industry agnostic professional with background and experience in different industry sectors projects spanning across Ecosystems, Operating, Systems, Mobility, Products, Vision & Strategy, A.I. & Voice, Healthcare, B2B Platforms, TV …

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So I'm John a product designer of services/applications, I'm a South African by birth with an Irish mother. I have an obsessive nature for the understanding of complex and beautiful things. Be it software, gadgets, people or even macro systems. This has naturally found me designing software and services for …

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Hi, I'm Jenny and have led products at Stack Overflow, Thinkful (Chegg), WeWork, and Meetup. I'm passionate about building products that inform, educate, and grow communities. I have experience in building teams from scratch, setting and implementing successful KPI metrics, and leading user research in order to understand needs. Through …

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Hi, I'm Eric in Seattle! Do you need help achieving success in your career or startup? Let's collaborate! My mentorship approach is personalized, practical, hands-on, and creative. I have 25-years of tech experience with Silicon Valley companies launching products and scaling ecosystems for startups and top-tier brands (Airbnb, Amazon, Google, …

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I am a UX research leader with more than ten years of experience in the industry. I have been a developer, a designer, and a researcher in my career, and I understand the world of tech from a different perspective. Currently, I am a senior UX researcher at Flexport in …

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