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Riccardo Giorato

Riccardo Giorato

Senior Fullstack Web Developer @ teero.com

Riccardo Giorato is a professional in Business Development and one of our most popular mentors on MentorCruise.

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I am a zero to one tech founder and a builder of Saas platforms. 🧰 I will work with you to crystallise your Saas product idea, identify short and long term GTM strategies for it, or pivot if necessary in order to make sure you are building a core product …

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COACHING / MENTORING AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH, SPANISH AND FRENCH You can book a FREE discovery session here https://calendly.com/yulialifeboostcoach/enlightenment or send me a message to talk about your goals. As a personal and professional development coach, I can help you achieve your goals by analyzing your current situation to identify limiting …

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As a mentor and coach, I have seen the value of investing in my professional development. If you would like help transitioning to a new career, negotiating a pay increase, developing your career in Sales and Marketing, setting up a business, or growing your business, I can help. I am …

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Hey, I'm Claus! I work 1:1 with merchants to help drive more traffic & conversions, increase revenue and profit, and reduce hustle through clear personalized strategies. With over 20 years of experience, I've coached countless small and medium-sized enterprises to improve their traffic, conversion, and sales. I'm here to help …

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// Looking to change jobs, career or get a raise? I've increased my salary by 400% over the last 4 years and can help you with the techniques and decisions to do that too. // Started a business an unsure where to go next? I have over 8 years of …

I am a Business Development Manager with 8+ years of experience in developing and leading sales strategy in early and growth stage startups. I have a proven track record of exceeding sales targets, improving customer satisfaction and retention, and leading strategic initiatives in startup environments, while being an expert in …

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Hi πŸ‘‹πŸ½, my name is Omar! I’m a Venture Partner and I am here at Mentor Cruise to support: 1. Early-stage Ventures in: startup and business model development, product/market fit, fundraising, gaining traction; 2. Later-stage Ventures in: business and partnerships development, market strategy, fundraising, growth and scaling, M&A; 3. Founders …

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Innovative, value-driven technologist with a passion for engineering, an innate skill for breaking down complex technologies, a knack for efficient and clear communication, and proven leadership experience in building strong cohesive teams. Driven to create scalable, efficient, & secure infrastructure for companies, and to align company/business values with engineering priorities. …

$240 / month
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