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Tristan Pollock

Startup Founder, EIR/VC, Community Movement Builder - 500 Startups / Storefront / SocialEarth / Google for Startups

Tristan Pollock is a professional in Growth and one of our most popular tutors on MentorCruise.

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$100 / month
Communication & Digital Transformation at EA, King, Siemens
Regular Calls
Hi, I am David and I am specialized in Communications, Branding, and transformation journeys. I am a school dropout who managed to become a successful senior manager at one of Germany's biggest and market-leading stock market listed companies. Before joining Siemens I have been working in the gaming industry for ...
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$150 / month
Founder, Growth Advisor at Outranking / SaaS Boss
2 x Calls
I am a SaaS founder as well as a growth coach to other SaaS founders. I have worked with more than 100 companies. Drawing from my 10+ years of marketing and team leadership experience, I help bootstrapped founders scale their companies, get unstuck, and grow high performing remote teams.
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$240 / month
Technical SEO Manager at Freelance
5 x Calls
Computer science engineer / technical marketer / digital technologist with a creative mix of skills combining programming, marketing, content writing, product development, growth hacking, research, teaching and entertainment experience in the problem solving process. Former pop idol finalist, international semifinalist and finalist in startup competitions pitching in front of World ...
Product Designer at InCloudCounsel
Happy new year! I enjoy mentoring because I understand how hard it can be get started in design, and because (selfishly) it helps me clarify my own thoughts. I'm a self-taught product designer located in San Francisco. I'm one of two designers at a small/medium legal tech startup, InCloudCounsel, and ...
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$120 / month
Head of Growth at Tiendanube
2 x Calls
I had to work in journalism, copywriting, social media, e-commerce and digital marketing to end up finding my place in the combination, coordination and management of all of them. I'm a digital marketing manager focused on inbound marketing, content marketing and growth marketing (are they even different things at all? ...
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$100 / month
Serial Microstartup Maker & Product Guy at Finder
5.0 stars
5.0 (2 reviews)
1 x Calls
I'm Hari, and I've been building microstartups for the last 12 years. Visa List - One stop for all your visa requirement needs when you want to travel to a new country. Built and grew to 300K MAU. AnExplorer - All-in-one File Manager for all Android Platforms from Phone, Tablets, ...
Community Builder at Rosie Land
Hey there. I discovered community building some 15 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. This is the core of what I've been doing since. Along the way I've also been super interested in startups and business. I founded and boot strapped Ministry of Testing, a community focused ...
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$350 / month
Fractional CMO at WyzerDigital
Regular Calls
My work ranges from strategic planning and rough prototyping in the early stages, to creating strong full-fledged long term digital marketing strategies focused on business growth. I have worked for data science companies building their inbound marketing channels (some of them acquired clients like, Adidas, Signify - ex Philips ...
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