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Anand Safi

Engineering Leader | Mentor & Coach - Mark43

Anand Safi is a professional in Software Engineering and one of our most popular tutors on MentorCruise.

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Senior Software Engineer at Microsoft
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
1 x Call
Hello, I'm Ben! I've spent the majority of my career as a Software Engineer at Microsoft. I'm passionate about open source, crypto and the future of the web. My day job is spent working on a range of client-side javascript/typescript, mostly related to service workers and react.js. I also have ...
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$100 / month
Engineering Manager | Tech Advisor | Interview Guru at Mark43 Inc.
4.5 stars
4.5 (4 reviews)
Regular Calls
Trying to learn a new Frontend technology but don't know which one and how to go about it? Blocked on an architectural/infrastructure decision? Not sure what tech stack is the best to use? Struggling to time-box your projects? Want to know how it works in the industry Want help with ...
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$240 / month
Principle Data Engineer at Roku
2 x Calls
When I started my career I had lots of questions, sometimes I was confused which direction to take, which skills to pick up. After a while I found someone who gave me direction and goals, who saw the future of my career and helped me reach my goals faster by ...
CTO at Just
I am a former corporate technology leader now scaling engineering at a startup. I am committed not only to getting the job done, but building high-quality software that users love, in an environment where people are enjoying themselves. This is harder than it sounds! I have a background in mathematics, ...
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$240 / month
Engineering Manager at Google
5.0 stars
5.0 (4 reviews)
Regular Calls
I currently work as an engineering manager for one of the big tech companies. My experience ranges from being an engineer to a front line engineering manager to managing an organization of multiple teams.
VP - Engineering at BlueOwl, LLC
My passion lies in pursuing bold ideas, building disruptive technology, and recruiting/ mentoring/ growing stellar engineering teams. Distributed systems and teams and the challenges they present thrill me. I've been all over the stack as an individual contributor and as a leader. From writing a patch for an OS, mobile ...
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$180 / month
Engineering Manager at Harry's
5.0 stars
5.0 (8 reviews)
Regular Calls
Hi there, I'm an engineering manager at Harry's. Prior to becoming a manager at the beginning of 2021, I was an engineer for the preceding 6 Β½ years. I have worked on both back-end and front-end systems, including PHP, Ruby on Rails, Go, React/Redux, Gatsby, and GraphQL. I also served ...
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$150 / month
Site Reliability Engineer at Mentoring
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
Regular Calls
I'm Mathew. I'm currently based in New Zealand. I started my career as a Software engineer for some years, then I decided I want to get my dirty with Sys admin related work while still doing Software Engineering. This is why I became an SRE (Site Reliability Engineer). Through working ...
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