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Are you searching for a mentor to guide you in the Cloud & DevOps space and assist you in advancing your career, and provide support during crucial career transitions? I specialize in offering tailored mentoring programs to individuals at any level of expertise, whether you are a beginner seeking to …

Hi I am Founder of Golang.Expert. I help companies to pick Go and Rust in their tech stack. I work with O'Reilly Media to train students all over the globe. I would help you individually every week until you build your Go or Rust skills and become proficient in the …

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My name is Ivan Zakharchanka, and I'm a Senior Software Engineer, freelancer, and coding mentor with almost two decades of hands-on experience in full-stack web development. I'm passionate about creating software that not only works flawlessly but also provides an enjoyable experience for users. I love sharing my expertise and …

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Working as a Senior Software Engineer at LinkedIn - Java Full Stack since last 9.5+ years. Experienced in Programming and Design using Java, Spring, DBMS, Rest APIs, Microservices, System Design, Frontend and Cloud technologies, and building Integration Systems robust and at scale. I can help you navigate in the right …

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I am a Software Architect dedicated to empowering both individuals and organizations by harnessing the potential of cutting-edge cloud-native technologies. Over the past few years, my journey has taken me deep into the realm of crafting distributed systems through the elegant art of microservices. This path has been a rollercoaster …

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As a mentor,I can play a critical role in guiding and supporting aspiring engineers or junior managers to achieve their career goals. Being a natural leader and people manager I work to provide guidance on technical skills, soft skills, communication, and project management, which I have been doing for a …

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With 16+ years of experience in the industry, I have worked as a tester, a lead/manager, and as a developer. I have worked on large teams (OneDrive, Power Automate), as well as taking a v1 product from inception to running at a global scale. Delivering interviews, designing systems to work …

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Re is an accomplished enterprise and software architect with over 15 years of experience. As a Principal Solutions Architect at AWS, he specializes in helping some of the most sophisticated technology companies modernize their software architecture. With a focus on modern application development, Re has successfully implemented cutting-edge technologies such …

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