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$199 / month
Director of Product Management at SimpleTire
5.0 stars
5.0 (3 reviews)
4 x Calls
Product Director at SimpleTire where I drive growth through optimizing online experience, innovating new services, and building product management teams. Having worked with many industry leaders including Amazon, Expedia and T-Mobile over the past 11 years, I’ve gained hands-on experience in product-market fit, feature development, product growth and scaling. Some …
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$60 / month
Partner and CTO at Sorger & Company Inc.
Startup CTO & Technical Product Manager with 15+ years experience
Regular Calls
Hi there! My name's Mike Rocha, I'm an experienced product and technology professional based out of Toronto, Canada. I've spent the last 15 years of my career in various product management and technology leadership roles, from small startups to enterprise clients and everything in between. I've coached both technical and …
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$140 / month
CEO at Welovebuzz
2 x Calls
I started my company at the age of 17. Welovebuzz is today the leading media company for millennials in MENA. We reach up to 5 million users per day and help giant brands, like Nike, Coca-Cola or P&G, create powerful stories and produce engaging videos. I'm one of the sharks …
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$10 / month
πŸ’° Click for $100 discount // Award-winning Product Innovation & Brand Strategy // Startup Advisor & Coach at Microsoft β€’ xBox β€’ Telekom & more πŸš€
15+ years of experience β€’ Helping you super-charge your product & brand innovation!
πŸ’° Reach out today for an exclusive limited time discount of $100 (available to my first Mentees, only while I'm still new on MentorCruise) After 15+ years of experience at A-List companies in NYC, London & Berlin I am here to provide world-class insights and actionable advice if you: 1. …
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$180 / month
Product & strategy consultant for new corporate ventures and startups at Superspike
12+ years' experience in product, founding fintechs - here to help you overcome your challenges
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
2 x Calls
Hi, I'm Martin. Product is hard, and startups are crazy challenging. Yet for some reason, it's what I love πŸ€ͺ As a freelance product consultant, I help big corporates discover breakthrough products and ventures, and help startups go from idea to MVP and beyond. As a coach and mentor, I’m …
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$350 / month
Lean Startup Advisor and Fractional CMO
4x Tech Founder - Lean Startup Advisor - Growth Marketing Mentor - CMO
1 x Call
Data-driven Growth Marketer - 4x Tech Founder. Startup Advisor. Growth Marketing Mentor. Founder, GTM and Revenue lead for several VC-backed startups, including Amplion,, and My primary focus is helping early stage companies in the areas of Customer Discovery, Product-Market Fit, Go-To-Market, Scaling Revenue and Data-Driven Marketing. I …
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