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Being a Product Manager can be super hard at times. As your mentor I can help you be your best, coach you through the tough spots, and share my learnings and techniques. I've worked for 9+ years as Product Manager in 4 startups in London, UK and fully remote. Through …

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I am a Denver-based designer with seven years of experience working in start-ups, mid-size companies, and larger enterprises. I love using design as a language to communicate complex ideas and file them down into a simple user experience. After earning my BFA in Graphic Design, I split my career diving …

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10+ years improving business performance and enabling intelligent business decisions at a strategic and a tactical level, using data and data analytics. Worked on various business models, industries, and domains such as SaaS and PaaS, retail and FMCG, banking and shipping, Energy, Gas, and Utilities, urban and regional planning. Familiar …

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Hi! I'm Darren, and you're awesome. I lead technology strategy communications at Ford. Prior to Ford, I led workplace strategy and operations at GitLab, the world's largest all-remote company to go from startup to IPO. I hold a Guinness World Record in writing and communications. I was featured in Forbes' …

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Offering advice, mentorship and guidance on developing a career in marketing agencies, starting your own agency, building a culture, creating a business development strategy and planning for an exit. A founder of 2 x specialist marketing agencies, board level Non-Executive Director for start up agencies + FMCG brands, and an …

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I love all things operations. ⚙️ I’m an experienced operations professional with several years of startup experience at multiple stages. I’m passionate about helping startups grow and scale efficiently and effectively. I have a strong focus on Lean process improvement and love working with teams to develop and grow. Every …

$110 / month

As a self-taught engineer myself, I still remember all the struggles I faced to develop my engineering skills. Throughout this journey, having a mentor was essential to set goals with confidence and to learn properly new concepts. In 2019 I started giving back to the community as a mentor. I …

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I have been a mentor for more than 2 years on MentorCruise and other online platforms. I find myself loving to help people with their first steps in the "ML journey". With more than 6 years experience working in AI and Machine Learning, I have worked in Singapore and worked …

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