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Türker Bilgin

Türker Bilgin

Global Brand Director @ Unilever

Türker Bilgin is a professional in UX Design and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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I provide guidance, tips, tricks, support & resources to the following: - Switching into UX from a different career - Prepping for UXR interviews/challenges - Strengthen qualitative mod guides/pre-screener surveys/recruiting surveys/etc - Wanting help on building our their research strategy/timelines for work - Resume/CV/Linkedin

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Hi there! I'm currently a Senior UX Designer at Apple. I've got 5+ years of design experience in both the consumer and enterprise space. I started my career in medical school and worked in the world of business, before finally pursuing my childhood dream of becoming a designer. Being a …

✨✌️✨ Hey there, I'm James! — I’ve spent the last decade of my career learning everything I can about being a UXer, working at companies like Disney, Live Nation, and FabFitFun, and even earning a UX Master Certification from The Nielsen Norman Group — the g.o.a.t. firm on usability in …

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Hey there! I'm Aini. I design, dance, and mentor. With over 5 years of experience in design, both in-house and with creative agencies, I would love to answer your design career questions and help you achieve your goal along the way. I am currently working as a Product Designer at …

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Hey there! I am a former Graphic Designer turned Product Designer by learning and strategy. As many are doing today, I wanted to change careers and tried a series of steps and methods that allowed me to start on the new career path I was aiming for. Are you looking …

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Hi! I am a Lead UX/Product designer who has a passion for innovation and strategy. I work as a consultant for agencies, startups & large companies and support digital design projects, facilitating workshops in various domains and industries ranging from health tech, fintech, automotive, e-commerce, and retail across B2B & …

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Over 6+ years experience working in technology companies and financial sector as a Business Analyst, Implementation and Project Manager, I risked everything and fired my boss... ...to start my own tech company while being on maternity leave. My journey wasn't smooth and I made many mistakes including a number of …

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Hello! My name is Preeti Menon and I am a User Experience Lead Designer at American Express. I am excited to to be part of this mentorship platform where I can bring to you the strengths I've gained over the last 18 years of experience in top industries like Fintech, …

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