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Walter Lee

Former Head of Product - Stessa

Walter Lee is a professional in Product Management and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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Senior Applied Scientist/Manager, Applied Science at Amazon
8+ years in leading large scale machine learning and data science solutions for top tech companies
2 x Calls
Naveed Ahmed Janvekar is a Senior Applied Scientist/Manager, Applied Science in the United States. He works on solving fraud and abuse problems on the platform that impacts millions of customers in the US and other parts of the world using Machine Learning and deep learning. He has 7+ years of …
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$300 / month
Co-founder and CEO at Lasso
CEO, Founder, Ex-VP of Product and Principle Product Manager.
3 x Calls
As the former Principal Product Manager at (Acquired by Global-e for $500m), Product Marketing Lead at Accenture Interactive, VP of Product at Showtime Analytics & its joint venture with Alibaba Pictures, I have a proven track record for building and scaling products, teams, and companies. I am at my …
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Product Leader
Human-centered leadership, culture and team building | Product Manager and Problem Solver
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I’m a product leader with 10 years of experience working for a variety of startups and partnering with executive teams to create and drive the product vision, strategy and execution. My experience ranges from being a hands-on contributor to implementing Product’s best practices and processes as well as growing and …
$140 / month
Head of Growth at Stay365
Organic and Paid Growth Expert with 10+ years of Agency experience in Digital Marketing
5.0 stars
5.0 (10 reviews)
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I am a seasoned digital marketing expert with a vast amount of experience to share with you. During my career I have been the Head of Paid Marketing in one of the biggest marketing agencies in the UK with more than 140 employees. I have helped people grow their skillsets …
Product Director at Beamery
Product Leader with 10 years experience
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
I have held various product & leadership roles at Tesco, OpenTable, Hostelworld and most recently Beamery. At Beamery I look after integrations, APIs and Artificial Intelligence across 8+ cross functional delivery teams. Prior to Beamery I worked at Tesco PLC and was responsible for pricing automation and the underlying platform …
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$180 / month
Product Consultant at Sullivan & Stanley
Grower of people and product-led organisations
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Hi, I'm Dhaval. I've worn many hats in my career, starting in Engineering, moving into Delivery before settling in the Product space. I've worked in organisations, both small and large, and over a career of 15 years learnt to how people and organisations. I care about building great products and …
$60 / month
Product Analyst at Google
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5.0 (3 reviews)
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I have been working in product analytics space for many years now and have been fortunate to have worked in varied industries like supply chain, retail, eCommerce and digital marketplaces. Over the years I have realized there is a huge gap in what is taught in academics and skills needed …
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Head of Data Science and Machine Learning at
ABOUT ME I lead ML/DS for a digital healthcare company - my team delivers real ML, AI, and DS work, spanning both research and specific applications. In my spare time I advise companies on DS/ML, strategy, and hiring. I am a believer that everyone needs a mentor, regardless of their …
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