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Jeff Solomon

Jeff Solomon

Entrepreneur, Investor & 5x Founder: 3 Exits, $35MM+ Venture Raised, 500+ Advisory Calls @ Professional Mentor/Teacher

Jeff Solomon is a professional in User Interface and one of our most popular coaches on MentorCruise.

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Hello there. ๐Ÿ‘‹ If you want to specialize in front-end development and learn UX/UI skills. You are in the right place ๐Ÿ˜ƒ My name is Jay. I am a UX/UI engineer | Frontend Engineer based in Melbourne. I like to help people to get a job without a formal degree โ€ฆ

$60 / month
1 x Call

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Product & Type designer with 14+ years of experience in Advertising, Branding, and SaaS/Enterprise Product Design. FOSS Contributor. Loves to talk about team building, problem-solving, long-term product envisioning, and product ideation.

$80 / month
1 x Call

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Lead/Architect with a strong track record of successfully driven implementations. My experience spans multiple industries working with Microsoft CRM and financial services ERPs. I am recognized for a relentless focus on value creation by ensuring innovative solutions in a collaborative team environment. I bring a solution-oriented focus, a direct result โ€ฆ

$230 / month
2 x Calls

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15 years ago I began my career as a web designer and developer at a boutique branding agency in Belgium, working on high-profile brands. However, as my interests evolved, I transitioned into UX and product design and joined Leap Forward, a product design agency, in 2015. Over the past seven โ€ฆ

$240 / month
8 x Calls

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Hello! My name is Preeti Menon and I am a User Experience Lead Designer at American Express. I am excited to to be part of this mentorship platform where I can bring to you the strengths I've gained over the last 18 years of experience in top industries like Fintech, โ€ฆ

$150 / month
1 x Call

Hey there! I'm Michelle, a UX Lead and Manager at Google based out of Boston. I have a decade of experience working in large tech companies, small startups and consultancies. I can help you navigate team collaboration, presentations to decision-makers and up-level your design skills. Moving forward in Q2 of โ€ฆ

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I have worked as a UX Researcher at several top companies including Sony, Google, Meta, Electronic Arts, and Roku. I have significant experience advising current students and early career professionals on their next steps in their UX journey and Iโ€™m excited to help you as well! Iโ€™m an open book โ€ฆ

$100 / month
2 x Calls

Hi! ๐Ÿ‘‹ I'm Dana - passionate about user-friendly and eye-pleasing design that engages users, and crazy about prototyping and micro interactions. ๐Ÿ™ˆ I got a Master degree in Tourism Management in Poland, but then realised that my true passion is design. I studied Graphic design and then learned UX/UI by โ€ฆ

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