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Rui Gouveia

Rui Gouveia

CEO @ Build Up Labs - Startup Incubator

Rui Gouveia is a professional in Marketing and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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Welcome! I'm thrilled you're here. As a seasoned SEO Growth & Analytics Specialist at Impress!ve Digital and a freelance SEO and email marketer at MarketerHire, I'm passionate about helping businesses like yours achieve their marketing goals and boost their online presence. With a BA in International Relations from Texas A&M …

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15 years of proven experience in product marketing and management across industries (technology, consumer products, automobile). I've conducted several interviews and cracked many. I can help with framing interview answers, resume writing, and case studies. I also provide product marketing advisory services to startups. I’ve rich experience in all aspects …

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I love working in Product because there’s nothing that fulfils me more than exciting a customer, making them feel powerful and addicted to the product. Ultimately, the mission is to drive value for the customer. It’s what I’ve been doing for 15+ years. I'd love to help you if you're …

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Hi folks 🤗 I am mainly focused on Growing Traffic and Conversions in B2B companies. I my experience I have worked side by side with Publishers and eCommerce in LATAM https://nestorvazquez.com, here to share as much knowledge as possible. I offer mentorship in topics related to SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, …

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I'm a Brand Strategist & Motion Designer, who helps businesses & solopreneurs build trust with their audience from the ground up and drive business outcomes. I do this through brand strategy, brand identity design and motion art. I've worked with a few Fortune 500 companies, and I'm looking forward to …

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Elnaz Sarraf is the CEO and founder of the award-winning ROYBI® Robot – the world’s first AI-powered smart toy to teach children language and STEM skills. It also has been named one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions in Education, on the 2019 CNBC Upstart 100 list as one of the …

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I work as a UX Designer Lead at Octopus Group, a B2B marketing agency owned by Publicis Groupe. I started studying design back in 2008 and haven't stopped since then. I'm a career oriented woman in the tech industry and I love what I do. As the next steps in …

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I do marketing and content strategy for SaaS companies. I prefer early-stage startups and scaleups, but I'm happy to support established companies as well. Happy to guide on ABM/inbound methodologies, as well as brand strategy, marketing strategy, or team setup. I specialize in bringing clarity to content chaos by mapping …

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