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Vicki would be the perfect match for fresh graduates and mentees looking for first-time startup advice (do's & don't's), tips on coordinating an international remote team, filmmaking/ VFX portfolio reviews or to simply find out how to transition from another country and make your mark in the United States (including …

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Are you aspiring to launch your tech career on an international stage? Let me be your dedicated guide throughout your journey. My coaching services are tailored to empower individuals aiming to break into the tech industry, offering invaluable support for transitions into professional and cultural terrains across Europe and the …

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25+ years experience in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Startup Investing. I've co-founded 4 successful companies, invested in various others and sit on multiple company boards. What I'm good at and what I love doing: βœ“ Building, Scaling and Automating Businesses βœ“ Business Strategy, Leadership & Management βœ“ Process Automation & Improving …

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10+ year product management veteran with experience working in small through large companies in multiple industries. Happy to help newcomers take the leap into product management or experienced PMs develop their skills and interviewing prowess.

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I am a Director of technical Product Management at John Wiley & Sons. I know, not prolific like the Googles/Amazons out there but I never had the motivation to join them when they asked. Prior to joining Wiley, I worked at various sized companies from Degreed, OpenText, Carfax, Canadian Tire, …

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If you are launching or re-launching your brand, I will ensure you follow the right processes based on my proven brand strategy framework, from a tight positioning to the perfect name and overall identity. I want to make sure you act, look, and feel like a brand from the get-go. …

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πŸš€ About Me: As a seasoned professional in Computer Science, I bring over 7 years of valuable industry experience to the table. My journey has included significant stints at prestigious Software MNCs such as Meta, Samsung R&D & Adobe, where I honed my skills and gained invaluable insights into the …

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My journey so far has had two major career pivots, first into Data Science and then into Product Management from a foundation in Aeronautical Engineering. Through each transition, I honed the knack of quickly grasping new concepts and adapting to new environments, and I’m excited to share these strategies with …

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