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Prashant Mishra

Senior Software Engineer | Architect | Hiring Bar Raiser - Amazon

Prashant Mishra is a professional in Startup and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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Chief of Operations at Smart Design Formula Ltd
2 x Calls
I'm an entrepreneur, with experience in high-growth ClimateTech, PropTech, MedTech, and a particular interest in EdTech. After working at startups and consulting firms across several industries for years, I transitioned from engineering/architecture to project and product management as an impact-oriented entrepreneur 5 years ago and I have helped over 35 …
Founder at Nymatech | Design, Engineering and Manufacturing
5.0 stars
5.0 (3 reviews)
In 2011, Gustav Nyman moved from Sweden to Shanghai, where he worked in engineering and product innovation. At 30 years old he made the leap to launch his own product. His knowledge and connections in China allowed him to develop, find investment, and then launch multiple products globally. Gustav lives …
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$100 / month
Growth Lead at Skillate
2 x Calls
I am Shivam, a growth enabler and a hustler with a founder's mindset. I have been in the Industry for around 5 years and have worked closely with founders and senior leadership in my past stints as a Sales Professional. With a knack of building business and enabling peers to …
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$120 / month
 Quick Responder
5✨ mentor at 🥇 accelerator (25🦄) | Pitch Deck💰 | Growth📈 | Sales🛍 | Email outreach📨 | Remote teams👥 | at 500 Startups
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
1 x Call
🚀📝 I blog weekly at, sharing with you the frameworks top investors use to turn ideas into unicorns. Have been building startups since before 'startup' was a word. 5-star mentor with 🥇 accelerator (25+ unicorns) in the 🌎, for whom I've built and mentored several programs. Bringing the '🦄 …
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$240 / month
Technical SEO Manager at Freelance
5 x Calls
Computer science engineer / technical marketer / digital technologist with a creative mix of skills combining programming, marketing, content writing, product development, growth hacking, research, teaching and entertainment experience in the problem solving process. Former pop idol finalist, international semifinalist and finalist in startup competitions pitching in front of World …
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$120 / month
Investment Banking Associate at Global M&A Partners
Hi, my name is Rafael Guerra – I currently work as an Associate Partner in Investment Banking at the Global M&A Partners Holding in the Ireland. I have switched sides two times now, I have worked at one of the biggest startups in Brazil as Operations Strategy Associate before joining …
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$180 / month
Product Leader at Amazon
5.0 stars
5.0 (15 reviews)
1 x Call
I am a Product leader with 15+ years of experience in Product & Project management currently working at Amazon Alexa. I have expertise in identifying customer problems, developing strategies, leading agile teams to deliver exceptional product solutions excelling in performance. Previously, I have worked with some of the top names …
Senior Product Manager at Braze
5.0 stars
5.0 (2 reviews)
A product manager's primary responsibility is answering for their team not "What?" but "Why?" My approach to product emphasizes and embraces that uncertainty: I'll help you identify what you don't know, form hypotheses, and systemically validate (or invalidate) your assumptions through research. Depending on your goals, we'll talk about specific …
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