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Marina Krutchinsky

Head of Design - Amun 21Shares

Marina Krutchinsky is a professional in Product Strategy and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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$180 / month
Sr Product Manager at VMware
4 x Calls
Hey! I work as a Senior Product Manager at VMware (part of Dell Technologies) responsible for their cloud computing business. I absolutely love what I do and always feel super excited to help and provide coaching. Over the last 6-7 years now, I have gained superior knowledge about building and …
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$150 / month
Senior Product Manager at Zalando
Hello, I am Vimal, a product manager with 7+ years of experience in the eCommerce and B2B SaaS space. I have launched products that have scaled and delivered sticky experiences to a wide customer base both as B2C and B2B. I currently work in fashion-eCommerce based in Europe where I …
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$240 / month
Head of Product at The Curalate
6 x Calls
I love building products for millions of customers. For 11 years, I’ve been lucky to have worked on many products still enjoyed by customers today. My career has spanned being an early PM at Huawei launching big platforms, Chief of Product at Rocket Internet tripling user base, revenue, scaling teams …
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$90 / month
Product Designer/Developer at CheMondis
2 x Calls
πŸ‘‹ Hi, I am Product Designer, based in Cologne, Germany. I switched career from _DEV_ to Designer, so I can help you on that journey. Designed for Amazon like platform for Chemical industry, as well as management system for Medical and Sports startup. Additionally designed and developed my own product. …
Only 5 Spots Left
$240 / month
Head of Growth & Drops at RCRDSHP
2 x Calls
With a passion for innovation, I believe in the power of technology to meaningfully disrupt the future of human behavior. When building products, my goals are to create seamless human-like experiences, infusing empathy into the features I build. I look forward to identifying non-traditional yet strategic paths when problem-solving and …
Product Manager at Airbnb
5.0 stars
5.0 (17 reviews)
Having worked with B2B, B2C, and platform products over the last 15 years, including the last 5+ at Airbnb, I have a unique understanding of what is necessary to launch products that resonate with users, and of how to bring those products to market quickly. I teach and coach at …
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$90 / month
Group Product Manager at Sinclair Digital
With 15+ years of experience in a variety of large and small companies, I have been influential in driving significant increases in cost savings, revenue, and efficiencies. By holistically at the needs of the business, as well as collaboration with all facets of an organization, I have been influential in …
$240 / month
Head of Product - Search & Findability at ParkNow
Regular Calls
With a decade of product management experience in companies across Europe and the US, I am hoping to share my knowledge and support to other product people by creating a tailored coaching program according to needs and goals.
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