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David Kaplita

Senior Software Engineer - IBM

David Kaplita is a professional in Career and one of our most popular experts on MentorCruise.

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(7 ratings)

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Engineering Manager at
5.0 stars
5.0 (1 review)
2 x Calls
Hey! My name is Griffin, I'm an Engineering Manager leading the Prospecting and Extension teams at, working remotely from Buffalo, NY. My love of management, leadership, and growth started in my first internship at Riot Games as a Development Manager. There I learned the impact that leadership in all …
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$150 / month
Meditation Coach & Corporate Wellness Consultant at SaksWorks
2 x Calls
My name is Natalie Thomas. I am a Yoga/Meditation teacher and Corporate Wellness Consultant. I currently work with companies such as Upwork, Outsite, SaksWorks (HBC), and KV Pharmaceuticals teaching Yoga, leading Meditation sessions, coaching 1:1 clients, and hosting wellness events for corporate teams. I also work with a company called …
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$240 / month
CTO at Vialink
+11 years as CTO | +15 years in Architecture | +25 years in Software Engineering
2 x Calls
I am a seasoned CTO with more than a decade of experience. But I am also a passionate developer and architect with even more years of experience. I am tech savvy and have an extensive software engineering background ranging from early stage start-ups to scale-ups with many teams in parallel. …
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$450 / month
Entrepreneur at Various
5.0 stars
5.0 (6 reviews)
2 x Calls
As a mentor, I provide the strategic intervention, insight, and perspective necessary to guide you into your best future regardless of your past or really anything else holding you back or blocking you. I mentor people to help them make better decisions, overcome obstacles, and get virtually anything they want …
Staff Product Designer at Snyk
5.0 stars
5.0 (9 reviews)
Hi :) I'm a product designer with a passion for systems and design strategy. I have an extensive experience designing products for a technical audience and I love solving problems in complex domains with the goal of creating innovative solutions to improve people's life. Some of the brands I've worked …
Data [email protected] & Machine learning mentor at 2minuteAI
4+ years of experience mentoring in Data science, machine learning, python, web development at mentorcruise.
4.6 stars
4.6 (59 reviews)
Are you stuck on a project? Need help with a concept? Too many resources on the internet? Transitioning from another field to programming? A data science project that isn't giving the right results? or don't know what to try and what's right for you? Nilesh is our most experienced mentor …
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$180 / month
Product Leader at Amazon
5.0 stars
5.0 (15 reviews)
1 x Call
I am a Product leader with 15+ years of experience in Product & Project management currently working at Amazon Alexa. I have expertise in identifying customer problems, developing strategies, leading agile teams to deliver exceptional product solutions excelling in performance. Previously, I have worked with some of the top names …
$300 / month
Director of Engineering | Mentor & Coach at Mark43
Senior Engineering Leader | Distinguished Mentor | Board Member
5.0 stars
5.0 (63 reviews)
2 x Calls
An established technical leader for product and commercial teams. Experience and interest with product development with a focus on UX and customers. I have provided mentorship over the last several years to 25+ mentees. I have helped aspiring and senior engineers alike. Whether it is trying to learn a new …
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