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Hey there, I'm Andrea, and I'm passionate about helping people kickstart or level up their careers in sustainability. With more then 5 years of hands-on experience in the sustainability sector, I know the ropes and the real challenges of this field. I'm here to offer you genuine advice, support, and …

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Hi! I am Heidi – a highly skilled sales enablement professional with 13+ years of experience. I am thrilled to be a mentor on Mentorcruise and help aspiring sales enablement professionals and salespeople to achieve their full potential. Coaching and mentoring others have always been my passion. Over the years, …

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Hello Hello! Tiago here, your HR/People pro rocking a solid 14 years in the biz. I'm all about proving that work can be a blast while still getting stuff done. From crunching numbers in Insurance to geeking out in Tech, I've dipped my toes in big Corps, cozy SMEs, and …

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Hi, I'm Katarina and I love helping people build their PM skills. I've had leadership roles at large companies and as an early employee (and co-founder) at start ups. I'm great at: - interview prep -- I've interviewed hundreds of candidates during my time at Meta/Facebook, Microsoft, and other start …

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I'm a career coach for underrepresented midcareer software professionals and founder of Ally for Onlys in Tech. You might know me for my book “Agile Project Management with Kanban” or my 20+ year blog “I.M. Wright’s Hard Code.” Prior to coaching, I was a Group Engineering Manager for Xbox, Windows, …

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For almost 10 years I've been working alongside design and development teams to improve their products' and websites' user experience (UX), applying best UI practices, accessibility, and usability, doing UX Audits, and coordinating designers toward intuitive interfaces. I'm also an instructor for the courses AI for Product Design and UI …

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After I graduated in Product Design, I spent a couple of years jumping between different design areas. That was until I started working and learning UI design. What started as a gig turned out to be something that I really enjoyed, improving my knowledge and moving to UX too. Today …

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2-time Tech CEO, with 1 exit. I've been a solo-founder, doing it on (extra) hard mode. I've taken a bootstrapped company to over £2m ARR in 18 months. Co-creator of an employee perks and engagement platform. Went from 0-$4.5m ARR in under 14months and one of the fastest growing SaaS …

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